[FOM] Semantical realism without ontological realism in mathematics

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Wed May 28 09:26:18 EDT 2003

Lainaus Bill Taylor <W.Taylor at math.canterbury.ac.nz>:

> -> platonist about mathematical objects but nevertheless deny 
> -> that they have any properties
> -> other than those we are capable of recognizing,
> I presume this means "capable of recognizing fairly quickly". 

Certainly not! it only means "capable of recognizing in principle"

> OC if he means...
>   "capable of recognizing EVER, by means we may not even know about
> yet",
>                   ...then this is so vague as to be virtually useless.

I am actually inclined to agree, it is unclear, but nevertheless the two 
realisms are arguably independent. 

> So these views are close to being incoherent, IMHO.

I am not convinced of that...

> But having said that, I must also admit that all this debate
> (including mine) is "mere" philosophical arguments, so has very little, 
>(no?), significance.  This "mereness" is given away by the observation 
> that, whichever side we come down on, it will have NO EFFECT on our 
> mathematics, thus is all a non-issue.
> But please tell me where I'm wrong.

I would have thought that the choice between intuitionistic and classical 
mathematics has some effect to our mathematics...



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