[FOM] 171:Coordinate Free Borel Statements

Harvey Friedman friedman at math.ohio-state.edu
Thu May 22 14:27:49 EDT 2003

Here is a coordinate free version of the new Borel statements 
announced in posting #170.

THEOREM 1.(Coordinate free). Every Borel set in the plane contains or 
is disjoint from the image of an injection from the line that is 
continuous at all but countably many points.

Here is a weaker statement.

THEOREM 2.  Every Borel set in the plane contains or is disjoint from 
the image of a continuous injection from almost all real numbers into 
the plane. "Almost all" can be replaced by "a comeager set of".

Note that in Theorem 2, we only require that the injection be defined 
on a subset of the real numbers.

We cannot eliminate all points of discontinuity:

THEOREM 3. There is a Borel set in the plane such that neither it nor 
its complement contains an arc. We can replace "arc" by 
"nondegenerate path".

The statements in #170 are of course far from coordinate free. The 
following are stronger versions that I view as more technical.

THEROEM 4. Every Borel set in the plane contains or is disjoint from 
a closed set whose first or second projection contains all reals.

THEOREM 5. Every Borel set in the plane either contains a closed set 
whose first projection contains all reals, or is disjoint from a 
closed set whose second projection contains all reals.

THEOREM 6. It is necessary and sufficient to use uncountably many 
iterations of the power set operation to prove Theorem 1. The same 
holds for both forms of Theorem 2, and Theorems 4,5. All of these are 
provably equivalent in ATR0 to the existence of countable well 
founded models of the cumulative hierarchy of every countable ordinal 
length, containing any given subset of omega.


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