[FOM] Proof Theory, Computation and Complexity Summer School and Workshop

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Mon May 12 13:56:11 EDT 2003

[Dear Prof Davis, you distributed already an earlier version of this 
announcement, but there are important changes (deadline, money, 
etc.). Thanks,   -Alessio Guglielmi]

                      Summer School and Workshop on
                 Proof Theory, Computation and Complexity
                     Technische Universitaet Dresden
                           June 23-July 4, 2003


Call for Participation

We plan the following courses and workshop for graduate students and
researchers.  Like for last year's events on `Proof Theory and
Computation' (Dresden) and `Proof, Computation, Complexity' (Tuebingen),
we aim at a meeting where people have plenty of time to exchange ideas.
The summer school consists of eight advanced courses; the workshop is
integral part of the school and takes place in the last two days.

We ask for a participation fee of 100 EUR. A limited number of grants
covering all expenses is available.  Registration is requested before
May 25, 2003; please send an email to PTEvent at Janeway.Inf.TU-Dresden.DE,
making sure you include a very brief bio (5-10 lines) stating your
experience, interests, home page, etc.  We will select applicants in
case of excessive demand.  We will provide assistance in finding an
accommodation in Dresden.

Week 1, June 23-27: courses on

    Denotational Semantics of Lambda Calculi
    Achim Jung (Birmingham, UK)

    Semantics and Cut-elimination for Church's (Intuitionistic) Theory of
    Types, with Applications to Higher-order Logic Programming
    Jim Lipton (Wesleyan, USA)

    Five Lectures on Proof-Analysis
    Sara Negri (University of Helsinki and Academy of Finland)

    Mass Problems
    Stephen Simpson (Penn State, USA)

Week 2
June 30-July 2: courses on

    Dependent Type Theories
    Peter Aczel (Manchester, UK)

    Term-rewriting and Termination in Proof Theory
    Roy Dyckhoff (St Andrews, Scotland)

    Proof Theory with Deep Inference
    Alessio Guglielmi (Dresden, Germany)

    Natural Deduction: Some Recent Developments
    Jan von Plato (Helsinki, Finland)

July 3-4: workshop

    Please consult the workshop web page:


Dresden, on the river Elbe, is one of the most important art cities of
Germany.  You can find world-class museums and wonderful architecture
and surroundings.  We will organize trips and social events.


This event is organized by Paola Bruscoli, Birgit Elbl, Bertram
Fronhöfer, Alessio Guglielmi, Reinhard Kahle, Charles Stewart and the
AI Institute at TU Dresden, and sponsored by Deutscher Akademischer
Austausch Dienst, IQN (Rational mobile agents and systems of agents),
Graduiertenkolleg 334 (Specification of discrete processes and systems
of processes by operational models and logics) and Consolato Generale
d'Italia - Lipsia/Italienisches Generalkonsulat in Leipzig.

Please distribute this message broadly.

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