[FOM] Solution to Buckner? (Lucas)

Dean Buckner Dean.Buckner at btopenworld.com
Sat May 10 04:33:15 EDT 2003


Actually, I didn't say I was a "finitist".  If it is one who denies the
equivalence of "Every S is P" and "No S is non-P", then I'm not.  All I was
pointing out was that meaning is preserved under correct translation.  Isn't

In my original posting I said " there are no infinite sets, i.e. objects to
which infinitely many objects bear the "membership relation" ".  Thus,
"there are infinitely many F's" cannot be translated as "some object S
exists such that infinitely many F's bear the membership relation to it".
So I've no problem with there being infinitely many things (as Harvey and I
finally agreed).

Perhaps this is a non-discussion?


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