[FOM] list of my postings 1-149 to FOM

Harvey Friedman friedman at math.ohio-state.edu
Thu May 8 11:46:30 EDT 2003

This posting is being made at the Moderator's suggestion to keep down the 
length of my postings. It is a list of my numbered postings on the FOM from 
1 through 149.

1:Foundational Completeness 11/3/97, 10:13AM, 10:26AM.
2:Axioms 11/6/97 8:34PM
3:Simplicity 11/14/97 10:10AM.
4:Simplicity 11/14/97 4:25PM
5:Constructions 11/15/97 5:24PM
6:Undefinability/Nonstandard Models 11/16/97 12:04AM
7.Undefinability/Nonstandard Models 11/17/97 12:31AM
8.Schemes 11/17/97 12:30AM
9:Nonstandard Arithmetic 11/18/97 11:53AM
10:Pathology 12/8/97 12:37AM
11:F.O.M. & Math Logic 12/14/97 5:47AM
12:Finite trees/large cardinals 3/11/98 11:36AM
13:Min recursion/Provably recursive functions 3/20/98 :45AM
14:New characterizations of the provable ordinals 4/8/98 2:09AM
14':Errata 4/8/98 9:48AM
15:Structural Independence results and provable ordinals 4/16/98 10:53PM
16:Logical Equations, etc. 4/17/98 1:25PM
16':Errata 4/28/98 10:28AM
17:Very Strong Borel statements 4/26/98 8:06PM
18:Binary Functions and Large Cardinals 4/30/98 12:03PM
19:Long Sequences 7/31/98 9:42AM
20:Proof Theoretic Degrees 8/2/98 9:37PM
21:Long Sequences/Update 10/13/98 3:18AM
22:Finite Trees/Impredicativity 10/20/98 10:13AM
23:Q-Systems and Proof Theoretic Ordinals 11/6/98 3:01AM
24:Predicatively Unfeasible Integers 11/10/98 10:44PM
25:Long Walks 11/16/98 7:05AM
26:Optimized functions/Large Cardinals 1/13/99 12:53PM
27:Finite Trees/Impredicativity:Sketches 1/13/99 12:54PM
28:Optimized Functions/Large Cardinals:more 1/27/99 4:37AM
28':Restatement 1/28/99 5:49AM
29:Large Cardinals/where are we? I 2/22/99 6:11AM
30:Large Cardinals/where are we? II 2/23/99 6:15AM
31:First Free Sets/Large Cardinals 2/27/99 1:43AM
32:Greedy Constructions/Large Cardinals 3/2/99 11:21PM
33:A Variant 3/4/99 1:52PM
34:Walks in N^k 3/7/99 1:43PM
35:Special AE Sentences 3/18/99 4:56AM
35':Restatement 3/21/99 2:20PM
36:Adjacent Ramsey Theory 3/23/99 1:00AM
37:Adjacent Ramsey Theory/more 5:45AM 3/25/99
38:Existential Properties of Numerical Functions 3/26/99 2:21PM
39:Large Cardinals/synthesis 4/7/99 11:43AM
40:Enormous Integers in Algebraic Geometry 5/17/99 11:07AM
41:Strong Philosophical Indiscernibles
42:Mythical Trees 5/25/99 5:11PM
43:More Enormous Integers/AlgGeom 5/25/99 6:00PM
44:Indiscernible Primes 5/27/99 12:53 PM
45:Result #1/Program A 7/14/99 11:07AM
46:Tamism 7/14/99 11:25AM
47:Subalgebras/Reverse Math 7/14/99 11:36AM
48:Continuous Embeddings/Reverse Mathematics 7/15/99 12:24PM
49:Ulm Theory/Reverse Mathematics 7/17/99 3:21PM
50:Enormous Integers/Number Theory 7/17/99 11:39PN
51:Enormous Integers/Plane Geometry 7/18/99 3:16PM
52:Cardinals and Cones 7/18/99 3:33PM
53:Free Sets/Reverse Math 7/19/99 2:11PM
54:Recursion Theory/Dynamics 7/22/99 9:28PM
55:Term Rewriting/Proof Theory 8/27/99 3:00PM
56:Consistency of Algebra/Geometry 8/27/99 3:01PM
57:Fixpoints/Summation/Large Cardinals 9/10/99 3:47AM
57':Restatement 9/11/99 7:06AM
58:Program A/Conjectures 9/12/99 1:03AM
59:Restricted summation:Pi-0-1 sentences 9/17/99 10:41AM
60:Program A/Results 9/17/99 1:32PM
61:Finitist proofs of conservation 9/29/99 11:52AM
62:Approximate fixed points revisited 10/11/99 1:35AM
63:Disjoint Covers/Large Cardinals 10/11/99 1:36AM
64:Finite Posets/Large Cardinals 10/11/99 1:37AM
65:Simplicity of Axioms/Conjectures 10/19/99 9:54AM
66:PA/an approach 10/21/99 8:02PM
67:Nested Min Recursion/Large Cardinals 10/25/99 8:00AM
68:Bad to Worse/Conjectures 10/28/99 10:00PM
69:Baby Real Analysis 11/1/99 6:59AM
70:Efficient Formulas and Schemes 11/1/99 1:46PM
71:Ackerman/Algebraic Geometry/1 12/10/99 1:52PM
72:New finite forms/large cardinals 12/12/99 6:11AM
73:Hilbert's program wide open? 12/20/99 8:28PM
74:Reverse arithmetic beginnings 12/22/99 8:33AM
75:Finite Reverse Mathematics 12/28/99 1:21PM
76: Finite set theories 12/28/99 1:28PM
77:Missing axiom/atonement 1/4/00 3:51PM
78:Qadratic Axioms/Literature Conjectures 1/7/00 11:51AM
79:Axioms for geometry 1/10/00 12:08PM
80.Boolean Relation Theory 3/10/00 9:41AM
81:Finite Distribution 3/13/00 1:44AM
82:Simplified Boolean Relation Theory 3/15/00 9:23AM
83:Tame Boolean Relation Theory 3/20/00 2:19AM
84:BRT/First Major Classification 3/27/00 4:04AM
85:General Framework/BRT 3/29/00 12:58AM
86:Invariant Subspace Problem/fA not= U 3/29/00 9:37AM
87:Programs in Naturalism 5/15/00 2:57AM
88:Boolean Relation Theory 6/8/00 10:40AM
89:Model Theoretic Interpretations of Set Theory 6/14/00 10:28AM
90:Two Universes 6/23/00 1:34PM
91:Counting Theorems 6/24/00 8:22PM
92:Thin Set Theorem 6/25/00 5:42AM
93:Orderings on Formulas 9/18/00 3:46AM
94:Relative Completeness 9/19/00 4:20AM
95:Boolean Relation Theory III 12/19/00 7:29PM
96:Comments on BRT 12/20/00 9:20AM
97.Classification of Set Theories 12/22/00 7:55AM
98:Model Theoretic Interpretation of Large Cardinals 3/5/01 3:08PM
99:Boolean Relation Theory IV 3/8/01 6:08PM
100:Boolean Relation Theory IV corrected 3/21/01 11:29AM
101:Turing Degrees/1 4/2/01 3:32AM
102: Turing Degrees/2 4/8/01 5:20PM
103:Hilbert's Program for Consistency Proofs/1 4/11/01 11:10AM
104:Turing Degrees/3 4/12/01 3:19PM
105:Turing Degrees/4 4/26/01 7:44PM
106.Degenerative Cloning 5/4/01 10:57AM
107:Automated Proof Checking 5/25/01 4:32AM
108:Finite Boolean Relation Theory 9/18/01 12:20PM
109:Natural Nonrecursive Sets 9/26/01 4:41PM
110:Communicating Minds I 12/19/01 1:27PM
111:Communicating Minds II 12/22/01 8:28AM
112:Communicating MInds III 12/23/01 8:11PM
113:Coloring Integers 12/31/01 12:42PM
114:Borel Functions on HC 1/1/02 1:38PM
115:Aspects of Coloring Integers 1/3/02 10:02PM
116:Communicating Minds IV 1/4/02 2:02AM
117:Discrepancy Theory 1/6/02 12:53AM
118:Discrepancy Theory/2 1/20/02 1:31PM
119:Discrepancy Theory/3 1/22.02 5:27PM
120:Discrepancy Theory/4 1/26/02 1:33PM
121:Discrepancy Theory/4-revised 1/31/02 11:34AM
122:Communicating Minds IV-revised 1/31/02 2:48PM
123:Divisibility 2/2/02 10:57PM
124:Disjoint Unions 2/18/02 7:51AM
125:Disjoint Unions/First Classifications 3/1/02 6:19AM
126:Correction 3/9/02 2:10AM
127:Combinatorial conditions/BRT 3/11/02 3:34AM
128:Finite BRT/Collapsing Triples 3/11/02 3:34AM
129:Finite BRT/Improvements 3/20/02 12:48AM
130:Finite BRT/More 3/21/02 4:32AM
131:Finite BRT/More/Correction 3/21/02 5:39PM
132: Finite BRT/cleaner 3/25/02 12:08AM
133:BRT/polynomials/affine maps 3/25/02 12:08AM
134:BRT/summation/polynomials 3/26/02 7:26PM
135:BRT/A Delta fA/A U. fA 3/27/02 5:45PM
136:BRT/A Delta fA/A U. fA/nicer 3/28/02 1:47AM
137:BRT/A Delta fA/A U. fA/beautification 3/28/02 4:30PM
138:BRT/A Delta fA/A U. fA/more beautification 3/28/02 5:35PM
139:BRT/A Delta fA/A U. fA/better 3/28/02 10:07PM
140:BRT/A Delta fA/A U. fA/yet better 3/29/02 10:12PM
141:BRT/A Delta fA/A U. fA/grammatical improvement 3/29/02 10:43PM
142:BRT/A Delta fA/A U. fA/progress 3/30/02 8:47PM
143:BRT/A Delta fA/A U. fA/major overhaul 5/2/02 2:22PM
144: BRT/A Delta fA/A U. fA/finesse 4/3/02 4:29AM
145:BRT/A U. B U. TB/simplification/new chapter 4/4/02 4:01AM
146:Large large cardinals 4/18/02 4:30AM
147:Another Way 7:21AM 4/22/02
148:Finite forms by relativization 2:55AM 5/15/02
149:Bad Typo 1:59PM 5/15/02

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