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Sat May 3 06:03:55 EDT 2003

Charlie Volkstorf wrote:

> Panu Raatikainen wrote 5/2/02:

> > (i) There is a sentence G of L(S) which is neither provable or
> > refutable in S.
> > (ii) moreover, G is true.

> ... since the proof of (i) => (ii) is much simpler than the proof 
> of (i), I doubt if many people believe (i) but don't believe (ii), unless 
> they are unaware of this proof of (i) => (ii).  

RE: Just two remarks. First, quite many people are familiar with (i) 
without knowing at all its proof. Second, my own experience is that some 
people with even a relatively good idea of how (i) is proved have rather 
confused ideas about why exactly (ii) holds. 

I am not really willing to participate to Wittgenstein exegesis, but I 
wanted to suggest that perhaps e.g. LW and others have had some 
difficulties with understanding the step (i) => (ii), and what (ii) could 
mean. On the other hand, it is quite easy to understand the meaing of (i), 
even if its detailed proof is quite laborious.   



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