[FOM] Wittgenstein?

T P Uschanov tuschano at cc.helsinki.fi
Fri May 2 18:33:06 EDT 2003

Neil Tennant wrote:

> What do you mean by "p is true in PA"?:
> 1) PA|-p and (since PA proves only truths) p is true; or
> 2) PA|-p and p is (i.e. happens to be) true; or
> 3) p is in the language of PA and is true...?

4) p is in the language of PA; being where it is within this language 
generally leads the users of the language of PA to hold it true; which 
in turn leads them (not necessarily wholly groundlessly) to make 
assertions such as your candidate 1) above.

(Note that this answer is neutral as between the various dictionary 
senses of "true", as also between different mathematical or 
philosophical theories of truth.)

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