[FOM] set theory in the rest of mathematics

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On Tue, 25 Mar 2003, Vladimir Sazonov wrote:

> After appearing and formalising, set theory became a part 
> of mathematics, but its role for the rest of mathematics 
> was always foundational, conceptual. Now, even if it is 
> also considered as a branch of mathematics, trying to do 
> something on large cardinals is still rather internal 
> business of set theory. 

For counterexamples to this last statement, see numerous papers 
of Harvey Friedman, or see my expository piece "Strong Statements of 
Analysis", which has been published in the Bulletin of the London 
Mathematical Society 32 (2000) 513-526. 

[Regrettably the published version contains over a hundred alterations 
to my text made by the Editor against my wishes; the authentic text 
may be found at my web sites: 



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