[FOM] finite variable logics

John T. Baldwin jbaldwin at uic.edu
Wed Jun 25 19:59:02 EDT 2003

Harvey asked for sources on finite variable logics.

 Martin Otto has a nice monograph:
Bounded variable logics and Counting - A study in finite models.
Lecture Notes in Logic No. 9 --Springer 1996

A shorter survey is Martin Grohe: Finite variable logics and Descriptive 
Complexity.  Bulletin of Symbolic Logic
4 (1998) 345-399

An idiosyncatic approach concerned with connections to first order 
stability theory and far from the main concerns of
finite model theory are in my surveys,
Finite and Infinite Model Theory (Wollics  Conference)
Theories in Finite Model Theory (April 1999: technicalreport IRCS, 
Philadelphia Workshop)

Both are at  http://www2.math.uic.edu/~jbaldwin/model.html

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