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Don Fallis fallis at email.arizona.edu
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Bill Taylor?s essay seems to me to be a good presentation of
mathematicians? standard view about mathematical evidence.  However,
I am not sure that this essay gives us good reason to believe that this
view is correct.  Consider, for example, what Taylor says about
probabilistic verification:

>>And the confirmatory type are not as in science (as explained above),
>>but merely the collecting of satisying evidence.    Thay have no real
>>mathematical significance. Such things as searches for counter-
>>examples to the twin prime conjecture and Goldbach's conjecture are of
>>this type, as are the "almost-proofs" of large-primeness by using the
>>converse of Fermat's little theorem's.  This latter type is as close
>>to a confirmatory science experiment as one might get in math, but
>>they are still not a *validation* - that still requires a proof.

However, it is not clear that deductive proofs do provide any more
?validation? than some of these ?almost-proofs of
large-primeness.?  For example, some probablitistic primality tests
arguably provide as much certainty and a prioricity as deductive proofs
of primality.  I have argued previously that there is no epistemically
important difference between deductive proof and (at least some forms
of) probabilistic verification.  See, for example,

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