[FOM] Godel numbers, use, and mention

Dean Buckner Dean.Buckner at btopenworld.com
Thu Jun 5 14:30:59 EDT 2003

> Most of us agree with (A) ("It is improbable that Bacon wrote Macbeth")
because we do >not agree with Shakespeare = Bacon.

You miss the point.  You can still agree with (A) and (B) and believe that
Shakespeare = Bacon.  The point is,

(A) It is improbable that Bacon wrote Macbeth
(B) It is probable that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth

does not imply

(C) Shakespeare <> Bacon

whereas by Leibniz it should.  That's all.  It may make you happier to put
"there is strong/weak evidence that" or  "everyone dis/believes that"
instead of  "It is im/probable that".

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