[FOM] Godel numbers, use, and mention

Dean Buckner Dean.Buckner at btopenworld.com
Wed Jun 4 16:17:06 EDT 2003

Most of us would agree

    (A) It is improbable that Bacon wrote Macbeth

(though some people including Cantor, as it happens - see


would differ.)  And we all agree that

    (B) It is probable that Shakepeare wrote Macbeth

But if Shakespeare = Bacon, then, by Leibniz and from (B),

    (C) It is probable that Bacon wrote Macbeth

which contradicts (A).  From which (if we agree (A) and (B)), we agree that
Shakespeare <> Bacon.

This could revolutionise our approach to criminal detection!  It's certain
that Jack the Ripper committed all the Whitechapel murders.  But it's
uncertain whether any of the "usual suspects" committed them.  So, by
Leibniz, we can rule them all out.

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