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John T. Baldwin jbaldwin at uic.edu
Tue Jul 22 13:37:19 EDT 2003

Fom'ers may enjoy (or not) the review of *_Mathematics and the roots of 
Postmodern Thought
_*by Vladimir Tasic.  The review is by Michael Harris;  the logician 
Boban Velicovic has a sidebar
reviewing Tasic's fiction.

Notices of the AMS, Aug 2003 pg 790-799

sample sentence  (page 798)  "In a book for nonspecialists, it is highly 
misleading to skip directly from the generation
of  the foundations crisis, through Godel and Turing, to Chaitin without 
mentioning that the rise of Bourbaki was surely one
of the principal factors in the dissipation of the crisis.

(And this one paragraph after citing Mathias' criticism of Bourbaki!!)*_
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