[FOM] Model theory and foundations IV

Robert M. Solovay solovay at math.berkeley.edu
Thu Jul 17 19:50:35 EDT 2003

On Thu, 17 Jul 2003, Stephen G Simpson wrote:

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> 3. Foundations of algebraic groups?
>  Baldwin repeats a claim made in the glorious early months of the FOM
>  list, that model theory applied to algebra is "foundational" in a way
>  that puts traditional f.o.m. to shame.  Why?  He gives three
>  examples: (a) Chow's Theorem characterizing analytic manifolds in
>  complex projective n-space, (b) the Hrushovski-Weil characterization
>  of algebraic groups over an algebraically closed field, and (c) a new
>  proof of a theorem of Borel and Tits.  (This is Armand Borel, the
>  algebraist, not his father, Emile Borel, the set theorist.)

	 I don't think the two Boirel's are related. Armand is Swiss;
Emile was French.

	--Bob Solovay

	Of course, Henri Cartan *is* the son of Elie Cartan.

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