[FOM] Independence without forcing

Todd.Eisworth@uni.edu Todd.Eisworth at uni.edu
Sat Jul 12 00:17:03 EDT 2003

I find many (if not most) of my questions have been answered in 
various exchanges posted in the archives (mostly in the Friedman-
Simpson-Steel exchanges from 2000). At this point I have two more:

1) Do the postings on FOM accurately reflect the current state of 
Boolean relation theory?
(I guess that's more a question for Harvey than the FOM audience in 

2) To what extent is FOM an acceptable forum for questions/discussions 
dealing with axiomatic issues motivated purely by the internal 
concerns of set theory and not by broader foundational concerns? For 
example, is this an appropriate place to ask for opinions on various 
hypotheses associated with, say,  pcf theory?



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