[FOM] 187:Grand Unification 2 - saving human lives

Steve Newberry stevnewb at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jul 9 14:08:10 EDT 2003

See below:

>I have already practiced a little bit of what I preach: a paper of mine is 
>appearing in Fund. Math. with a very detailed proof that decides all 3 
>quantifier sentences in set theory with epsilon,=, and there are only 
>FINITELY many such up to tautological equivalence.

What is the decision for, the status of, the following 3Q cwff in epsilon 
and = ?
(Read '@' for "epsilon", '/@' for "not epsilon")

.(Ax)[x /@ x & .(Ey)[x @ y & .(Az)[y at z => x @ z].].].

On what domains, if any, is it realized?  How was the decision made?



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