[FOM] set theory with a universal set

M. Randall Holmes holmes at diamond.boisestate.edu
Thu Jul 3 09:58:55 EDT 2003

Dear FOMers,

     I appreciate the plug for my book, 

 "Elementary Set Theory with a Universal Set" by M.Randall Holmes,
Cahiers du Centre de Logique 10,

ISBN 2-87209-488-1,

recently posted by Steve Newberry

but want to add that one should
get the errata slip from my web page:




There is one serious error (in the definition of indexed sums and
products of cardinals, fixed on the slip) and a number of annoying
small errors.  The publisher has the errata slip but is entirely
unreliable about putting it in the books...

Also, the Department of Philosophy of the Catholic University of
Louvain-la-Neuve is not actually the distributor; for correct
information, see


If you have trouble with an order (the distributor is sometimes hard
to deal with) you can contact me; I have some inside connections.

Randall Holmes

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