[FOM] 187:Grand Unification 2 - saving human lives

Harvey Friedman friedman at math.ohio-state.edu
Wed Jul 2 10:39:44 EDT 2003

This is a continuation of posting #186, and puts the proof checking 
project into a wider perspective.

Recall that in #186, I outlined a GRAND UNIFICATION project, calling 
for the development of efficient decision procedures for finite 
languages of short assertions surrounding basic mathematical 
contexts. This represents a paradigm shift for mathematical logic, 
involving at least tameness issues, elementary proof theory, decision 
procedures, algorithm design and implementation, language design, and 
also, at least projected down the road, set theory and large 
cardinals. There are both deep foundational and practical motivations 
for this development.

There is a vitally important project that has only gotten off the 
ground in limited ways in rather specialized hardware contexts. E.g., 
Intel and IBM have or have had projects involving the formal 
verification of aspects of chip design - especially arithmetic 
circuit design - which are specified by the IEEE arithmetic standards.


So here we are talking about verifying proofs that programs are 
correct as they are being developed.

This is hopeless for anything like general purpose software given the 
programming techniques currently in use.

What is needed is an appropriate mathematically friendly functional 
programming language, with clear mathematically friendly semantics, 
which does not sacrifice much in the way of efficiency. Complete 
modularity, no side effects, where semantics is inherited from the 
standard semantics of mathematics, etc. It should be noted that there 
are plenty of important contexts in which efficiency is not even 
remotely at issue but correctness and specification is - for example, 
in the area of the design and implementation of complex user 

Current complex software is almost certainly all BUGGY. Furthermore, 
in looking, say, at military applications - e.g, in the recent wars - 
we see a suspiciously frequent number of deadly mistakes. One can 
only speculate that some of this is due to BUGGY SOFTWARE.

I have no doubt that major decisive breakthroughs await us in coming 
years on this project, and the effectiveness of it will depend on at 
least having first developed truly workable user friendly proof 
verification systems, well before one combines this effectively with 

Hence the yet additional importance of what was discussed in Grand 
Unification 1, posting #186.

Most people didn't go into foundations of mathematics in order to 
SAVE HUMAN LIVES, but this may be a very natural and inevitable 
ultimate outcome of their efforts.


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Harvey Friedman

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