[FOM] computable numbers, independent freindly logic

George Kapoulas gkapou at yahoo.gr
Sat Dec 27 11:31:19 EST 2003

DEar FOM ers:

 1) The concept of a computable real number is well
namely we use indices of total functions to code 
sequences of rational numbers and the convergence
The question is if we know the complexity of the set
of indices that represent the natural, integer and
numbers in this context and if yes the relevant

2) There is an approach for logic 
called independent friendly logic.
Does anyone know  if there is 
proof that the approach used by 
this logic  cannot be expressed 
in 1st order logic, 
and references for this?

Thank you  

Με εκτιμηση
Γ. Καπούλας 

George Kapoulas

It is a miracle indeed that the new methods of teaching
have not managed to kill the sacred quriosity  of the question 
Do not worry having trouble in math. I can assure you I had much worse!
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