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Implicature and conversational meaning
16-20 August, Nancy
organised as part of the European Summer School on Logic, Language and 
ESSLLI 2004 (http://esslli2004.loria.fr/) 9-20 August, 2004 in Nancy

Workshop Organizers:
Bart Geurts (bart.geurts at phil.kun.nl)
Rob van der Sandt (rob at phil.kun.nl)

Workshop Purpose:
The central notion that dominated linguistic pragmatics since the
early seventies is Grice's notion of conversational implicature. It
is based on the insight that, by means of general principles of
rational communication, we may convey more with the use of a sentence
than just its conventional meaning. What is actually conveyed depends
on the utterance situation, the linguistic context, and the goals and
preferences of the interlocutors. Hence, what is actually meant may
deviate in various ways from what is literally said. Over the last few
years there is a renewed interest in Gricean pragmatics from different
theoretical perspectives. This comprises work in a dynamic framework,
non-monotonic reasoning, and optimality and game theoretic approaches.
The workshop aims to provide a forum for advanced PhD students and
researchers to present and discuss their work with colleagues and
researchers who work in the broad subject areas represented at ESSLLI.

Submission details:
Authors are invited to submit a 2-page abstract before March 5, 2004.
The following formats are accepted: pdf, (plain) latex, and rtf.
Please send your submission electronically to: bart.geurts at phil.kun.nl

Submissions will be reviewed by the workshop?s programme committee,
which consists of Reinhard Blutner (Amsterdam), Gennaro Chierchia
(Milan), Larry Horn (Yale), Francois Recanati (Paris), and the

Local Arrangements:
All workshop participants are required to register for ESSLLI. The
registration fee for authors presenting a paper will be the same as
the early student/workshop speaker registration fee.

Important Dates:
Submissions: March 5, 2004
Notification: April 19, 2004
ESSLLI early registration: May 1, 2004
Preliminary programme: April 23, 2004
Final programme: June 25, 2004
Workshop: August 16-20, 2004

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