[FOM] 199:Radical Polynomial Behavior Theorems

Harvey Friedman friedman at math.ohio-state.edu
Mon Dec 22 13:22:54 EST 2003

A radical polynomial in k variables x1,...,xk is a finite sum of radical
monomials with real coefficients. A radical monomial is a finite product of
nonnegative rational powers of variables. 1 is the trivial radical monomial.

We prove a Radical Polynomial Behavior Theorem to the effect that for any
function f:Z+^k< into Z+ there is a radical polynomial P:[0,infinity)^k<
into R+ such that f and P exhibit the same behavior when restricted to some
common infinite A^k<. An obvious finite form also holds. This obvious finite
form is, however, 

*independent of Peano Arithmetic.*

This may raise the known incompleteness of PA to a new thematic level.

Let Z be the set of all positive integers, Q be the set of all rational
numbers, and R be the set of all real numbers. For A containedin R, let A+
be the set of all positive elements of A. Let A^k< be the set of all
strictly increasing k-tuples from A.

Let f,g:A^k< into R. We say that f,g have the same behavior if and only if
for all x1 < ... < xk from A, y1 < ... < yk from A, and 1 <= i <= k, we have

f(x1,...,xk) < xi iff g(x1,...,xk) < xi.
f(x1,...,xk) < f(y1,...,yk) iff g(x1,...,xk) < g(y1,...,yk).

I.e., we preserve the truth values of all unnested atomic relations.

THEOREM 1. For all f:Z+^k< into Z+ there exists a radical polynomial P:R+^k<
into R+ and infinite A containedin Z+ such that f,P restricted to A^k< have
the same behavior. In fact, we may require that P have rational

THEOREM 2. For all k,p in Z+ there exists n in Z+ such that the following
holds. For all f:{1,...,n}^k< into Z+ there exists a radical polynomial
P:R+^k< into R+ and p element A containedin {1,...,n} such that f,P
restricted to A^k< have the same behavior.

Using the decision procedure for real closed fields, Theorem 2 is in Pi-0-3

THEOREM 3. Theorem 1 is provably equivalent, over RCA0, to "the jump
operator can be iterated any finite number of times starting with any set".
Theorems 2 is provably equivalent, over EFA, to the 1-consistency of Peano


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