[FOM] reducing higher to second order?

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Todd Wilson <twilson at csufresno.edu>:

> I have seen passing references in the literature to a reduction of
> higher-order logic to second-order logic, but none of the sources I
> have at hand make any mention of it.  Can anyone supply a statement of
> this reduction and/or point me to where it was first (or most
> perspicuously) established?

Dear Todd

The issue was actually discussed here in FOM in September 2002. Here is how 
it went:

"A.P. Hazen" <a.hazen at philosophy.unimelb.edu.au> wrote:

> There is an old result (it MAY be due to Hintikka, "Reductions in 
> the Theory of Types," an  "Acta Philosophica Fennica" monograph (?) 
> from the 1950s) that, just  as Second-Order Logic (with the "standard" 
> -- non-Henkin -- interpretation) can characterize the natural number 
> series categorically, it can characterize the "standard model" of Third-
> Order Logic, or of full Finite Type Theory, up to isomorphism.  

Yes, it is:

K. Jaakko K. Hintikka: Two Papers in Symblic Logic (Form and content in 
quantification theory. Reductions in the theory of types.) Acta 
Philosophica Fennica VIII (1955). 



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