[FOM] Yablo, Mirimanoff, and Negative Types

Xing Taotao xtt at pku.edu.cn
Thu Sep 19 18:56:25 EDT 2002

Allen Hazen wrote:

>    Mirimanoff's Paradox concerns the "set" of all well-founded sets, which
> must be both well-founded and non-well-founded.  Yablo has suggested for
> our consideration an intriguing variant: what happens if we assume that the
> "universe" of sets considered is that of a model of the theory of (positive
> and negative) types.  

I'd like to mention that there's another name related to Mirimanoff's paradox. See
Shen Yuting, Paradox of the Class of All Grounded Classes, JSL, vol.18, Nr.2, June 1953

Xing Taotao

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