[FOM] combining probability and logic

Å ke Persson ok.person at swipnet.se
Thu Sep 5 19:29:38 EDT 2002

>> Jon Williamson wrote:
>> Those FOMers around London at the beginning of November might be
>> interested in the workshop "combining probability and logic":
>> http://www.kcl.ac.uk/progic

> Åke Persson wrote:
> To this matter the ideas of polyvalued truth value space is quite relevant and
> the formalisam of polyvalued logic is isomorf to Baysian logic, that is a
> combining of probability and logic.

I want to add: The polyvalued logic is a quantity relation logic, like
Baysian logic, but provides also a natural definition of modal concepts,
i.e. modal logic is an integrated part of this logic. The difference between
probabilities, factual truths and logical truths is only the strengh in
truth - the logic (the consequece relations between things) remains still
the same and is independent of what kind of truth concept we applies.
Probability must be apprehended as a truth concept - weaker than factual
truth - like logical truth is a stronger concept.

Åke Persson

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