[FOM] "This sentence is true"

schiphol@altern.org schiphol at altern.org
Thu Sep 5 13:45:03 EDT 2002

In a former message, I wrote:
>>I claim that paradoxicality consists in THERE NOT BEING
>> any normal-form
>>proof, or normal-form disproof, of the statement in
>Doesn't this amount to forbid all self-referential

This is a mistake, of course: "This sentence has five words" is self-referential and perfectly admits a normal form proof. I don't know, too much caffeine in my blood stream, maybe.

About "This sentence is true", what I can say is that asigning a truth value to it does not lead to any further complication. This is not true of the Liar. It would be nice for a solution to the Liar to save this difference.


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