[FOM] Re: FOM: Constructive analysis

Giovanni Sambin sambin at math.unipd.it
Wed Sep 4 19:32:35 EDT 2002

>I'm looking to pull together a seminar in constructive analysis....
>Does anyone have other text suggestion? Does anyone have any
>suggestions on topics, etc?

If you are interested in an intuitionistic *and* predicative approach, then you can look at the approach through formal topology.
You can find more information on formal topology in our web page:


In particular, you might be interested in the recent survey "Some points in formal topology" by myself. More specifically on the application of formal topology to analysis are the papers by G. Curi in his page:


and by Thierry Coquand in his page:


If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.
Best regards
                Giovanni Sambin

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