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> I'm looking to pull together a seminar in constructive analysis. I
> have books by Goodstein (Recursive Analysis, Textbook in Math
> Analysis), Bishop and Bishop & Bridges, and Lorenzen (Differential and
> Integral ... ). 
> Does anyone have other text suggestion? Does anyone have any
> suggestions on topics, etc?
> steve

In case that computable analysis should be in the scope of
your seminar as well, the following textbooks on the subject 
could be of interest:

- Ker-I Ko. Complexity Theory of Real Functions. 
  Progress in Theoretical Computer Science. Birkhäuser, Boston, 1991.

- Marian B. Pour-El and J. Ian Richards. 
  Computability in Analysis and Physics.
  Perspectives in Mathematical Logic. Springer, Berlin, 1989.

- Klaus Weihrauch. Computable Analysis. 
  Texts in Theoretical Computer Science. Springer, Berlin, 2000.

A standard reference on Russian constructive analysis is

- Boris Abramovich Kusner. 
  Lectures on Constructive Mathematical Analysis (Russian).
  Izdat. Nauka, 1973. translated: by Mendelson, E., and edited by Leifman, 
  L.J., Transl. Math. Monographs, 60 (1984).

A large bibliography on computable and constructive can be found
on the following webpage:



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