[FOM] Informal Meeting of Set Theorists in Bonn (IMST 2002)

Benedikt Loewe loewe at math.uni-bonn.de
Thu Oct 31 10:32:19 EST 2002



   We are pleased to announce that on December 2nd and 3rd, 2002 an small
international group of Set Theorists will come together in Bonn to give
some talks. These talks will be part of the "Oberseminar Mathematische
Logik" and are partially supported by the Bonner Internationale
Graduiertenschule (BIGS-MPA).

Any interested logicians are cordially invited to come to these talks. The
informal meeting will start with a breakfast in room Be4Zi44 on Monday,
December 2nd at 10 am. The talks will take place in the Hausdorff-Raum of
the Math Department (Beringstrasse 3).

This is the second installment of the Informal Meeting of Set Theorists
(IMST). The first one took place in January 2001. 

The speakers are Heike Mildenberger (Vienna), Bernhard Irrgang (Mnchen),
Sandra Quickert (Hannover), Otmar Spinas (Kiel), Boban Velickovic (Paris),
and Philip Welch (Bristol).

         Monday, Dec 2              Tuesday, Dec 3

10-11    B R E A K F A S T             - - -

11-12    Sandra Quickert               - - -
         CCC Forcings and Reals

12-14:30 L U N C H                    L U N C H

14:30-   Heike Mildenberger           Bernhard Irrgang
15:30    New canonization theorems    Moraste und Innere Modelle
         and dense free subsets

15:30-   B R E A K                    B R E A K

16:00-   Philip Welch                 Boban Velickovic
17:00    An informal discussion       T.B.A.
         of mutual stationarity

17:00-   B R E A K

17:30-   Otmar Spinas 
18:30    T.B.A.

We shall keep you updated at


We will probably have dinner with the speakers on Sunday evening. If you
wish to join us for the IMST 2002, please send a brief e-mail to
logic at math.uni-bonn.de.

Best wishes,

Benedikt Loewe

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