[FOM] Status of Quantum Computing vis-a-vis Chomsky Hierarchy/Computing

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Just to complete the context, Rogers considers (at least up to 1967) that
*1-*5 are plausible and consistent with widely-held though informal notions
of algorithm.

Rogers reckons that *6-*8 and *10 are not plausible, but that *9 is.  He
provides justifications for his position on each of *6-*10 and also claims
that his view is substantiated in the formal characterization that he sets

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[ ... ]

I had *3, *4, and *5 in mind in asking the question. *3 is suspect due
to entanglement and the measurement side effects. *4 is suspect due to
the "continuous methods or analogue devices". *5 is suspect due to "dice".

[ ... ] I would say *8 and *9 are suspect.

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