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jvoosten@math.uu.nl jvoosten at math.uu.nl
Fri Oct 4 07:30:29 EDT 2002

Postdoc position available

Dear colleagues,

At Utrecht we have a postdoctoral research position availabe in the domain of
categorical logic. The position is for three years and should start January 1,
2003, or soon thereafter. The position is funded by NWO, and is tied to a
specific research project, which concerns (a combination of some of) the key
words topos theory, realizability, categorical semantics of predicative
theories, Martin-Loef type theories, Constructive Set Theory.

Candidates should have a PhD degree and some research experience in at
least one of these topics.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to one of us before October 31,
together with a CV (or better, an address where we download one).

Ieke Moerdijk   (moerdijk at math.uu.nl)
Jaap van Oosten (jvoosten at maath.uu.nl)

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