FOM: Conference in Nonstandard Analysis - Pisa, June 2002

David Ross ross at
Thu Mar 28 19:10:47 EST 2002


                             June 10-16, 2002
                               Pisa, Italy

The international congress NS2002 on nonstandard methods and its
applications will take place in Pisa, June 10-16, 2002.

The NS2002 will consist of two segments. The first one is a

     *** SATELLITE CONFERENCE, June 10-12 (Monday to Wedn. morning),
     hosted by Domus Galilaeana.

The second one is a

     *** SPECIAL SESSION of the Joint Meeting UMI-AMS, June 12-16
     (Wednesday to Sunday).

The special sessions are scheduled on Thursday (June 13) and Saturday
(June 15). UMI is the Italian Mathematical Society.

A SUB-SESSION "Reuniting the Antipodes: Nonstandard and Constructive
views of the continuum, II" is scheduled as part of the NS2002 congress.

Invited speakers include:

S. Albeverio (Bonn, Germany), J. Bell (Western Ontario, Canada),
V. Benci (Pisa, Italy), N. Cutland (Hull, UK),
K. Hrbacek (CUNY, USA), R. Jin (Charleston, USA),
J. Keisler (Wisconsin, USA), W.A.J. Luxemburg (Caltech, USA)
A. MacIntyre (Edinburgh, UK), H. Osswald (Muenchen, Germany),
P. Loeb (Illinois, USA), D. Ross (Hawaii, USA),
M. Wolff (Tuebingen, Germany).

It is intended that people willing to participate in the NS2002 congress
must register for the AMS-UMI meeting and pay the conference fee.
In particular, for all logistic information (including accommodation)
they should refer to the AMS-UMI site at:

In the registration form of the AMS-UMI meeting, people willing to
participate in the NS2002 must indicate

      "Nonstandard methods and applications in mathematics"

as their special session of interest.
When you have registered, let us know directly with an email to:

               pisa2002 at

and you will be automatically registered for the NS2002 congress as well.

                        *** Important!!! ***
We STRONGLY recommend that you make your reservation as soon as possible!
June is tourist season in Pisa, and due to the big AMS-UMI meeting,
hotels are rapidly running out of rooms.

Up-to-date news on the "NS2002" can be found on the web-site:

(Please note that this address has changed from some earlier announcements).

For specific information on the NS2002, you can contact the Organizers at

                 pisa2002 at

Please circulate this announcement to anyone you think might be interested.

We look forward hearing from you.

The Organisers:

Alessandro Bearducci (Univ. Pisa, Italy)
Nigel Cutland (Univ. Hull, UK)
Mauro Di Nasso (Univ. Pisa, Italy)
David Ross (Univ. Hawaii, USA)

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