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wiman lucas raymond lrwiman at
Wed Mar 27 21:04:32 EST 2002

>"is there a beautiful statement in normal mathematics that is
>of ZFC"
>"is there a beautiful statement in discrete or continuous mathematics
>is independent of ZFC"
>where these attributes "natural" and "beautiful" are subject to being
>judged by the reactions of mathematicians of various levels of


Oh, I see what you meant now.  I didn't read your original postings in 
enough detail, but here's what I thought you were saying:

"Theorem:  Blah blah blah
I think this theorem is very beautiful, but I can do better.  etc."

I hope you can see how this might have seemed pompous.  Given your 
stature and intelligence, a bit of pompousness is perhaps justified.
Still, being pompous always grates on my nerves, even when justified.  I
see now that that's not what you were doing at all.

I'm sorry to have wasted your valuable time with a triviality
(seriously), and I'll try to keep my mouth shut in the future.

You are of course also right that the objection to the technicality of
your results is without merit.  What else would such a list be for?


Lucas Wiman

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