FOM: Wolfram on Foundations

Thomas Drucker druckert at
Fri Jun 28 10:49:36 EDT 2002

     [I consulted with the list moderator to make sure that the following
would not be too remote from the list's purposes.]  

  I have a former
> > student who claims that he is being inspired by S. Wolfram's recent
book to
> > go to graduate school in mathematics.  Several recent postings indicate
that members of the FOM list have looked at Wolfram's book and come to
conclusions about it.   
  (I have not seen Wolfram's book myself.)  The
> > student expressed a particular interest in foundations.  I should be
grateful if anyone who has become acquainted with Wolfram's book could let
me know (druckert at whether the presentation there is a
reasonable basis for making a decision to go to graduate school in
mathematics in general and logic in particular.  This is surely not of
general interest to the list, so personal messages would be appreciated.
With thanks to the moderator for letting me post this request,

                        Tom Drucker

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