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Sat Jun 8 22:48:24 EDT 2002

THEOREM 1. Let n >> k and x_1,...,x_n be real numbers. There exist p_1 < ... < 
p_k+2 such that 
|sin(x_p_1 x_p_2 ... x_p_k) - sin(x_p_1 x_p_3 ... x_p_k+1)| < 4^-p_1;  
|sin(x_p_2 x_p_3 ... x_p_k+1) - sin(x_p_2 x_p_4 ... x_p_k+2)| < 4^-p_2.

We can write the latter as a finite statement using the rationals.

THEOREM 2. Let n >> k and x_1,...,x_n be rational numbers. There exist p_1 < 
.. < p_k+2 such that 
|sin(x_p_1 x_p_2 ... x_p_k) - sin(x_p_1 x_p_3 ... x_p_k+1)| < 4^-p_1;  
|sin(x_p_2 x_p_3 ... x_p_k+1) - sin(x_p_2 x_p_4 ... x_p_k+2)| < 4^-p_2.

THEOREM 3. Theorem 2 is provable in ACA but not in Peano arithmetic. The best n 
= n(k) of both Theorems is epsilon_0-recursive but eventually dominates each <
epsilon_0-recursive function.  

NOTE: We did not attempt to give the sharpest results. 

RECOMMENDED: 126, 150, 151.


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