FOM: Re: Arbitrary objects

charles silver silver_1 at
Wed Jan 30 16:47:37 EST 2002

> The problem with "arbitrary object" probably has more to do with "object"
> than with "arbitrary".
> Consider:
> How many logicians are in the room?
> How many electrons are in the room?
> How many objects are in the room?
> The first two have definite objective answers (though they may be
> impossible to determine), but the third doesn't have a definite answer.
> Moral: There is no such thing as a THING (object, entity) pure and simple;
> there are only KINDS OF THINGS.

    Even though the question pertains to arbitrary objects, the specific use
of it is in cases like this: arbitrary number, arbitrary integer, arbitrary
real, etc.   So, the question is really about arbitrary F's.


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