FOM: Call for comments on logic-teaching web-pages

Neil Tennant neilt at
Thu Feb 14 16:00:05 EST 2002

This is a call for constructive critical comments and suggestions, from
members of this list, on the web-pages on introductory symbolic logic that
can be accessed by beginning at the URL

Any information about helpful links to add would be most welcome, as would
suggestions about presentation. The pages are under construction, and will
be continually revised and expanded, but are extensive enough at this
point to provide what I hope is an enjoyable tour of landscape that we all
know and love. Helpful suggestions, from the most pointillist tips to the
broadest of brush-strokes, are now needed to guide the further development
of these pages.

You are advised to use Explorer as your browser, since Netscape does not
render the universal and existential quantifiers as they should be.
Netscape turns them into " and $ respectively! But, if you can put up with
that, I guess Netscape will do.

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