FOM: Re: Arbitrary Objects

charles silver silver_1 at
Sat Feb 9 14:55:12 EST 2002

    I made a few annoying blunders in my original post, which I wish to

    First, the exact title is _Reasoning with Arbitrary Objects_ (*not* just
_Arbitrary Objects_).
There are a couple of minor typos that I'll ignore, but I see I failed to
complete one important sentence quoted from Fine's book.   He wishes "to
claim, not only that a form of the theory [of arbitrary objects] is
defensible, but also that it is extremely valuable.  In application to a
wide variety of topics -- the logic of generality, the use of variables in
mathematics, the role of pronouns in natural language -- the theory provides
explanations that are as good as those of standard quantification theory,
and sometimes better." (p.6)

    Sorry for the mistakes.


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