FOM: Re: Arbitrary Objects

charles silver silver_1 at
Fri Feb 8 06:51:23 EST 2002

    I have noticed that no one but me seems to have much of an idea about
Kit Fine's excellent book, _Reasoning with Arbitrary Objects_.  I wish to
recommend that FOMers read it.   It is a remarkable work, fascinating,
provocative, informative, unorthodox, completely original, and exceptionally
stimulating.   I have been asked to explain some of it, but beyond what I've
already said, I'd prefer not to do that for a couple of reasons.  For one, I
know I do not fully understand several things in the book, and for another,
I myself have my own opinions, which I do not wish to spill out in this
forum.   Also, I have a selfish motive: I'd like someone who's actually read
the book to say something about their views on the issues Fine raises.

    Thank you,

Charlie Silver

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