FOM: Opinion poll on P vs NP

William Ian Gasarch gasarch at
Mon Feb 4 13:19:00 EST 2002


I am preparing a Column for SIGACT news that will consist
of the OPINIONS on the status of P vs NP from
a variety of people.

Hence I would like you to email 

pnp at

answers to the following questions:

1) When do you think P vs NP will be solved?
(e.g.,  ``by the year...'')

2) What do you think the resolution will be?

3) What techniques do you think will be used?

4) Anything else you want to add?

5) May I quote you in my column or do you wish to remain
anonymous?  I am thinking that part of the article will
be a list of people and what they said. Another part will
be an informal poll like `4 our of 5 respondents think
that P vs NP will be solved by XXX'

				bill gasarch

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