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The Peter G. Neumann review on ACM Ubiquity
inspired my associate Bill Anderson and I to purchase the 
book and undertake a two-person reading program:
We are both quite taken with the book, but Bill's reading has gone 
farther than mine, which has petered out.  And I find the book to be
extremely valuable.

The "Proof of Correctness Wars" were revisted by Robert
Glass in the August 2002 issue of Communications of the ACM:

This inspired some letter responses in the December 2002 issue,
but letters are not indexed and are not incorporated in the ACM
Digital Library.

James H. Fetzer submitted one of the responses to Glass.  Fetzer 
points out that to assume that formal proofs apply to causal systems
constitutes a category mistake.  Although the statement is correct, 
I don't know that it is apt, or we would have to put away our physics 
formulae and calculators.

I recommend the MacKenzie book.

-- orcmid

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