FOM: Constructive analysis

Vladimir N.Krupski kru at
Sat Aug 31 06:45:28 EDT 2002

> I'm looking to pull together a seminar in constructive analysis. I
> have books by Goodstein (Recursive Analysis, Textbook in Math
> Analysis), Bishop and Bishop & Bridges, and Lorenzen (Differential and
> Integral ... ).
> Does anyone have other text suggestion? Does anyone have any
> suggestions on topics, etc?

I would like to mention the books:

M.Pour-El,J. Richards. Computability in Analysis and Physics,
Springer-Verlag (1989)

B.A. Kushner. Lectures on constructive mathematical analysis,
transl.: Amer. Math. Soc.: Providence (1984)(English)

(I hope that the translation of Kushner's book is quite close to
the original Russian text which I know.)

Vladimir N. Krupski
Moscow State University

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