FOM: 146:Large large cardinals

Harvey Friedman friedman at
Thu Apr 18 04:30:07 EDT 2002

We present a Proposition trapped between the consistency of two large large
cardinal axioms, in terms of linearly ordered products, definable
relations, and nontrivial self embeddings. It is obvious that the
Proposition asserts the (countable) satisfiability of an effective set of
sentences in first order predicate calculus with equality, and so is
provably equivalent to a Pi-0-1 sentence over WKL_0.

This example is not in explicitly finite terms as in posting 145, and does
not have the blatantly elementary character of posting 126.

Instead, it is of an elementary model theoretic flavor.


A linearly ordered product is a triple (A,<,dot), where (A,<) is a linear
ordering and dot:A x A into A.

A definable relation is an R containedin A^k which is definable in
(A,<,dot) with parameters allowed from A.

Let R containedin A^k. We write fld(R) for the set of all coordinates of
elements of R. We say that R is unbounded if and only if for all x in A,
there exists y in fld(R) such that x <= y.

An initial restriction of R is a pair R_x = ((-infinity,x),R|(-infinity,x)).

A nontrivial self embedding of R_x is a function f:(-infinity,x) into
(-infinity,x) such that

i) f maps fld(R_x) one-one into fld(R_x);
ii) there exists y in fld(R_x) such that f(y) not= y;
iii) for all y in (-infinity,x)\fld(R_x), f(y) = min(A);
iv) for all y1,...,yk < x, R(y1,...,yk) implies R(f(y1),...,f(yk)).

We say that R_x is self embeddable if and only if it has a nontrivial self

We say that R_x is cross sectionally self embeddable if and only if R_x has
a nontrivial self embedding f that is given by a cross section; i.e., where
for some y in A, f(z) = y dot z.

PROPOSITION 1. There is a countable linearly ordered product in which every
unbounded definable relation has a shortest cross sectionally self
embeddable initial restriction.

THEOREM 2. Proposition 1 proves the consistency of ZFC + "there are
arbitrarily large ordinals lambda such that there is a proper elementary
embedding from V(lambda) into V(lambda)" over EFA. Proposition 1 can be
proved in EFA + Con(ZFC + there is a nontrivial elementary embedding from V
into M with V(lambda) containedin M).

Furthermore, the same results hold even if we replace "relation" by "binary



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