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Thomas Forster T.Forster at
Wed Oct 31 13:17:03 EST 2001

Dear FOM-ers, 

I have recently returned from UC Irvine, where i spent three months
writing a short book on how to reason about virtual entities.  Virtual
entities?  Well, there is this idea that there are facts about
cardinals even tho' there are no cardinals, beco's facts about
cardinals are just facts about sets.  Not a new idea i know, but nor
do I know of anywhere where this stuff is explained in any detail.
(There is some interesting stuff about Burali-Forti that emerges from
this way of thinking of ordinals.) So i wrote it up.  I sent it to
CSLI, which seemed the obvious place, but they came back after three
months with a couple of referees reports that were clearly written by
people who hadn't read the ms, and i'm now wondering if there are any
fom-ers who would be interesting in casting an eye over it - and then
of course telling Dikran K and Tony G at CLSI what a sensationally
brilliant pamphlet it is.
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