FOM: What is f.o.m., briefly?

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Wed Oct 3 05:48:56 EDT 2001

May I humbly suggest that cultivation of ideas, like that of plants, needs
both gentleness and discipline.  The gentleness permits the plant to first
lay its roots and to grow, the discipline is later applied to test the
strength of the plant and remove unwholesome parts of it.

The "perhaps" most frequently, in the English language, relaxes the
discipline and demands that the imagination should try to find a way in
which the consequent statement might hold.  A more general form of "does
there exist". 

In that respect I think that Mr Kanovei has said precisely what he meant,
you have his explanatory e-mail.  I would further suggest that he is
right, in that this subject demands both imagination and discipline.  How
on an earth could any great idea be born strong?  A concession to our
humanity perhaps.

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