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    -----  FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT  -----

   [The usual apologies for multiple copies apply: we are sending the
    announcement both to personal e-mail addresses and to mailing lists.
    Please distribute this e-mail to all interested people.]

	    (ASL European Summer Meeting)
		August 3 - 10, 2002

   Institut fuer Mathematische Logik und Grundlagenforschung
		Muenster (Germany)

 The European summer meeting of the ASL in the year 2002 will be held
 in Muenster, Germany:

 Invited speakers:

       Jeremy Avigad (Pittsburgh PA)
       Arnold Beckmann (Wien)
       Tim Carlson (Columbus OH)
       Robert Constable (Ithaca NY)
       Kosta Dosen (Toulouse)
       Moti Gitik (Tel Aviv)
       Volker Halbach (Konstanz)
       Bakhadyr Khoussainov (Auckland)
       Steffen Lempp (Madison WI)
       Toniann Pitassi (Tucson AZ)
       Thomas Scanlon (Berkeley CA)
       Ralf Schindler (Wien)
       Patrick Speissegger (Madison WI)
       Katrin Tent (Würzburg)

 Tutorials by:

       Lev Beklemishev (Utrecht/Moscow)
       Steven Cook (Toronto ON)
       Olivier Lessmann (Chicago IL)
       Simon Thomas (Piscataway NJ)

 You can now pre-register by sending us a completed pre-registration form
 by fax. You can find the pre-registration form and the information needed
 to pre-register at:

 All people who pre-registered will be on our e-mail list and receive all
 information updates about the conference.

 Registration will *NOT* include a hotel reservation. Make sure that you
 visit our accommodation page

 to select a hotel and book a room in advance. The later you organize your
 hotel room, the more complicated (and the more expensive) it will get.

				       The Organizing Committee

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