FOM: recursive definitions

Peter Manolios pete at
Fri Nov 2 22:13:42 EST 2001

I am interested in any references that relate to the following

Under what conditions is a recursive equation satisfiable by some
total function?

Notice, that I am interested in total functions.  If I were interested
in partial functions, then the first recursion theorem from recursive
function theory would be a good reference.  However, that result is
not applicable here.  To see why, consider the following recursive

  f(x) = f(x)+1

The above is "monotone" as per the requirements of the first recusion
theorem, thus, there is a least partial function that satisfies the
equation, namely the nowhere defined function.  However, there are no
total functions which satisfy the above equation.

Any references would be appreciated.  

Pete Manolios

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