FOM: Semantical Paradoxes

Ralf-Dieter Schindler Ralf-Dieter.Schindler at
Mon May 28 02:55:52 EDT 2001

I'm writing in response to Alexander Zenkin's posting. His approach to the
semantical paradoxes seems to be vaguely related to the approach of a
German logician, Ulrich Blau, whose work would deserve much more credit
than it gets now. Basically, according to Blau, "This sentence is not
true" gets a different truth value at each (finite + transfinite) stage of
reflection -- an idea which leads to a technically interesting and
intuitively satisfactory theory. He has a paper on this in a 1985 volume
of the "Erkenntnis," called "Die Logik der Unbestimmtheiten und
Paradoxien," and he is about to finish a voluminous book under the
same title, which I'm hereby trying to call your attention to.
--Ralf Schindler

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