FOM: Re: comprehension principle and Frege's V axiom

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Tue May 22 13:15:42 EDT 2001

Dear Miriam,

I'd recommend as a good place to start looking: George Boolos's collection
of papers _Logic, Logic and Logic_ (Harvard 1999), especially Section III
("Frege Studies"). In fact, this book is delightful.
For more philosophical discussion, based around neo-logicism, "Hume's
Principle", etc., check out the Arche website at St Andrews (Dept of Logic &
Metaphysics). Bob Hale and Crispin Wright have a new book _The Reason's
Proper Study_ just published I think, with old papers and some new stuff.
Apparently, it's got a very comprehensive bibliography on the whole area of
Axiom V, etc.
Also, Stewart Shapiro and Richard Heck (both on FOM) work in this sort of
Then there's Kit Fine's mammoth technical paper on abstraction principles,
called "The Limits of Abstraction", in Matthias Schirn (ed.), _Philosophy of
Mathematics Today_ (Clarendon, 1998)--120 pages or so.

Best wishes - Jeff

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