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Mon Mar 19 13:45:32 EST 2001

I think some discussion of these issues would be of interest.  Chaitin's
work was recently discussed on, which is read by 
many who are probably not on this list.

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> On 16 Mar 01, at 10:01, charles silver wrote:
> >     Are you the person who recently published an article debunking
> > Chaitin's celebrated Godel-like theorem?   And, if so, I wondered
> > whether you've received any response from him disputing your
> > interpretation of his result.
> RE: Yes, that's me. And yes, we had a short round of e-mail 
> exchange with Chaitin on my first paper in JPL (Vol 27, No 6, Dec. 
> 1998) on Chaitin's earlier incompleteness result. I found his reply 
> rather unsatisfying, being at odds with the facts of recursive 
> function theory. But there is also a second paper by me in 
> SYNTHESE Vol. 123 (2000) on Chaitin's later work on halting 
> probability Omega etc. I have not received any responses to that. 
> But anyway, I think I was just pointing out several logical facts 
> challenging the standard interpretation of that work.
> I would be very interested to discuss these issues, if there are 
> people in FOM interested in them.
> Panu 

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