FOM: Branching quantifiers

Raatikainen Panu A K Praatikainen at
Mon Mar 19 04:14:05 EST 2001

On 16 Mar 01, at 18:44, Marcin Mostowski wrote:

> - Raatikainen Panu  claims that the equivalence of SOL (second order logic)
> with LBD (Henkin quantifiers with duallization) requires AC. It is not true.
> The proof was given by me without AC see the papers mentioned (survey MK&MM
> "Henkin Quantifiers", and MM "Quantifiers definable by second order means",
> both in "Quantifiers" Kluwer 1995).

RE: Yes. Sorry. I had simply forgotten this. Thank you for 
correcting me.  
- Panu

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